About Us

We are a group of researchers and engineers in industry and academia all based in Zurich. If you would like to reach out to present at an upcoming event or have any questions you can reach us at info@zurich-nlp.ch.

Aleksander Ficek

Aleks is a research engineer at NVIDIA working on the NeMo team. His current work involves bridging the gap between research and engineering in different LLM products. He is also focused on research in retrieval augmented language models and parameter efficient fine tuning.

Florian Cäsar

Florian is an NLP practitioner, software engineer and startup founder who sold his fintech NLP startup last year. After leading ML at the acquirer, he is now crafting an IDE for instructing AI. Previously, Florian created an educational machine learning framework, published an indie puzzle game and worked on distributed consensus algorithms.

Clara Meister

Clara is a third year PhD with Ryan Cotterell at ETH Zürich. She received her B.S. and M.S. from Stanford University in Computational and Mathematical Engineering. Her research interests include language generation, psycholinguistics, and the general application of information theory and statistics to NLP.

Clément Guerner

Clément is a MSc Data Science student at ETH, currently doing his MSc thesis in Ryan Cotterell’s lab on linear concept erasure. Before coming to ETH he worked for 7 years in economic consulting in Boston, and for an NLP startup in Berlin.

Niklas Stoehr

Niklas is a PhD student advised by Ryan Cotterell, Robert West (EPFL) and Aaron Schein (UChicago). He is interested in measuring hard-to-measure latent concepts from text (friend-enemy relationships, sentiment…). Prior to pursuing a PhD, he worked in industry (IBM AI Core, Microsoft Research, German Federal Foreign Office) and research (UCL, University of Oxford, Tsinghua University).